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Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee released the "Double Eleven" consumption tips: rational plucking grass

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The annual shopping feast double 11 is coming again. However, the shopping peak is also the transaction dispute and the peak of logistics. In order to enjoy a better shopping experience, Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee reminds you that you are not well versed in the double 11 sales routine. Reasonable and arrogant, cautious!
Routine One: Discount Routine
Pre-sale price, final price, arrival price, sales price...License reduction, deposit expansion...cross-store discounts, shop discounts, additional purchases of designated goods are more favorable...There are many discounts for merchants, but consumers can't understand Shopping, and even unclear the transaction price dispute.
Tip: The Consumer Protection Committee reminds consumers that the final price is not the price of the hand, all the offers may not be superimposed, you should carefully understand the platform shopping rules. At the same time, it is necessary to keep a good chat record with the customer service, shopping documents, order information, etc., so as to facilitate disputes and defend rights.
Routine 2: Red envelope routine
Full red envelopes, red cats, red envelopes, pre-sale red envelopes, all kinds of red envelopes, but consumers only find that they do not meet the coupon conditions, or the goods do not participate in the full reduction, red envelope coupons Use often hides the threshold.
Tip: Consumers need to see the rules of use when receiving all kinds of red envelopes and coupons, and ask the customer service in advance whether there is a threshold for use, to avoid the occurrence of full reduction, coupons, etc.
Routine 3: "Deposit" routine
Some merchants deliberately confuse the "deposit" and "deposit", the difference between the two is that "the deposit will not be refunded, the deposit can be refunded." Many of the pre-sale items on the platform require consumers to pay more than “deposit” rather than “deposit”. Although the deposit doubles seem to be very favorable, if the consumer does not pay the final payment, the deposit will not be refunded.
Tip: Consumers should carefully check the pre-sales introduction of the goods before paying the “deposit”, consult the customer service about “returning the deposit” and other issues, and keep the order ticket, the chat voucher when communicating with the seller, etc.
Routine 4: "First rise and then fall" routine
Some e-commerce platform certain prices before the "Double 11" promotion price increase, and on the day of promotion, the price discount, there is a discount discount table, in fact, the price is flat or even rising, the promotion name is not true, consumers do not get the benefits of buying these goods Even worse.
Tip: Consumers should do rational consumption, buy on demand, not greedy and low prices. Develop a procurement plan according to your own needs, pay attention to commodity prices in advance, avoid impulsive consumption, and cause unnecessary waste.
Routine five: brush single routine
Some e-commerce platforms have a single-selling behavior, which seriously misleads consumers to purchase goods. Through the analysis of complaints during the “double 11” period in the past two years, they mainly gathered in the fields of clothing, shoes and hats, makeup and toiletries, and home textiles.
Tip: Consumers should polish their eyes. Don't choose a business based on their reputation. You can learn more by looking at additional comments.
Routine Six: Delivery Routine
During the double 11 period, the surge in transaction volume caused many merchants to fail to ship as scheduled. In order to avoid being complained, some merchants falsely shipped, and the consumer transaction page showed that they had been shipped, but the logistics information could not be found.
Tip: If the merchant delays the delivery due to the increase in orders, it should negotiate with the consumer before the transaction, and actively inform the confirmed delivery time, instead of false delivery. Consumers in the double 11 period to purchase urgently needed supplies should be determined with the merchant to ship the time, to avoid the loss of the business false, delayed delivery.
Routine Seven: Fraud Routine
The double eleven e-commerce promotion period is often the peak period of online fraud, and all kinds of frauds such as fishing Trojans, winning, refunds, cash on delivery, spikes and other frauds are all preventive against consumers. Therefore, consumers need to beware of information disclosure, and it is cheap and cheap.


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